We are the Arctic Monkeys

swamliebe asked: Hi, could you please tell me the performances of r u mine and suck it and see when he says something about arielle?? And if you have the línks, much better! Thanks take care!

he’s said it many times but here are some examples of him singing “arielle” in “suck it and see” at 2:39 [x] , 2:23 in this one [x] & 2:33 here [x]. Here’s him dedicating “R U Mine?” to Arielle [x], [x] :) xx

Milan - November 13th, 2013

from-indian-rivers asked: Of you don't have a pass to Squamish fest, single day passes are still on sale but you'll just have to pick them up at the gate

oooh I know, but my parents aren’t letting me go :((( thank you though xx

Anonymous asked: wow that guy who took the selfie with alex is talking shit about him on instagram even after alex just took a selfie with him. shows how sickening and assholes people can be.

sorry I was on mini-holiday, what are we talking about? and what was he saying about him? :/

Anonymous asked: Can you link me to the posts about meeting Alex and Matt? I'm on my phone and can't find it.

for sure!! click here :)  xx


"@myleshendrik Sundays kind of rule"

woweee alex in a tee