Anonymous asked: I sow somewhere that Alex had changed his hair... That isn't true, is it??

I don’t think so, like his hair has gotten a little longer but that’s about it!! The pics or him In the stripe shirt are super recent and his hair looks the same :) xx

stillsatan asked: Al's cheekbones and jawline still on point, bless.

He’s literally the most beautiful man alive.

Anonymous asked: I thought Al was David Bowie in the pic where he's making a kissy face don't judge me...

i totally thought that too!! hahaha x


nightsinthecinema asked: Alex in Soho House West Hollywood with his boys

Laaaaaaadz! Thank you :) x


AM performing live at T in the Park 2014 (listen to this audio too )

acertainbandguy asked: Hey! :) Have you got a link to the quote where Al says that even if he had real brothers, he wouldn't be as close to them as his bandmates? x

I used to have the source but I honestly can’t find it right now sorry :(  ,can someone link it to us?! xx