Anonymous asked: you never said there was drama omg....

yeah idk, i’m feeling poorly so I’m off


Anonymous asked: what is this AM drama? Can you put up the link please?

there’s literally no drama, it’s all banter and just beautiful vocals and alex looking fucking beautiful in that shirt. here’s the video xx

Anonymous asked: I didn't think Alex sounded rude at all, what else would he have said? It's not like he insulted matt. And I think when Matt put his hands up it seemed like he did it almost sarcastically or mockingly like he was pretending to be offended. However, we're not them and we don't know wether there was or wasn't. People look so into things on here. But can we just talk about Matts falsetto? cause it's damn good. I'm so proud of AM. They're all so talented. I think we should focus on that.

tHATS what I’m saying doooood!! I agree with everything you’ve said here!! xx

"Whenever we get sent free clothes and that, there’s always something you pull out of the box and think, ‘Nobody is going to wear that.’ And every time, Helders comes in and, straightaway, he goes, ‘I’ll have that.’"

— Jamie Cook (x)
phuckthisphreak asked: You guys are talking about the tension, but I just watched that vid for the first time and I'm still captivated by their voices. :3

sAMe, I was also distracted by how good that shirt looks good on alex oh godddd x

Anonymous asked: it seemed like there was some tension to me, i mean it probably happens i'm sure it's nothing serious but yeah i mean they probably get a little sick of each other here and there

c’est la vie, you’re bound to have tension even with your best mates once in a while. That’s alright, they probably laughed it off within minutes  x

Anonymous asked: i bet the boys get into fights all the time like i mean it would be hard to be around the same people 24/7 and while they're all probably missing their families, i can imagine them getting so annoyed by like stupid things but i think they're all gonna be bestfriends forever tbh

I don’t think they get into full blown fights all the time, if anything i truly just think its all banter with the side argument here and there. Like you said, it happens when you’re with someone all the time :) I agree they’ll be mates ‘till the end (hopefully) x

Anonymous asked: What vid is it? Could you possibly link me to it?